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Work With Us 

Experienced builders, carpenters, masons; trades-people of all sorts…
Are you interested in showcasing your skills?

A (pilot project) utopian, sustainable, off-grid homestead is being created at 4119 Bell Line Rd, in Mountain Grove; by students wanting to design, and someday develop their own piece of paradise.


    Students will be using various techniques and materials, and simple, practical methods and designs to turn a piece of bush land into a sustainable homestead (May 1 – August 18).


brush cutting/processing/tree felling/blocking/splitting/sawmill/firewood/landscaping

gardening/thatching/maple syrup/honey/candle making/chickens/pigs/foundations

timber framing/log building/carpentry/masonry/stone work… a little bit of everything


We want to introduce students to area professionals;

 creating opportunities for both.

Workshops/projects could be ½ day, full day, one week, or longer.


If you would like to join our team, and direct a particular project (paid job),

which the students will execute,

please phone:  Jo deVries 613 483-6993 

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