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“May 1, 2018 At the time of writing this back cover, I have been living in a cabin in the woods without electricity (as I stop writing abruptly, reminded that I need to throw another log in the cook stove) for 18 years, and absolutely love it! Except maybe, the long, cold winters. We can have snow here for up to six months of the year. Winters are spent shoveling snow and feeding the wood stove. Wood burning stoves without glass windows are stupid.

There are woods down south still, I hear. I think there are new and exciting things in store for me in the future. I don’t imagine it will all be good, but I know it won’t be boring.


How about you? Any ideas about your future? I think your life is about to change. I hope it does. You are holding the key to a door waiting to be unlocked.

I have been reading the Bible over and over again, praying and asking God to open my eyes. I have learned a great deal. I have witnessed miracles. God is a lot more exciting than we are led to believe. God is awesome!

It’s like my cook stove. It would be so enjoyable to watch the fire, to know when it has been reduced to coals, to watch a cake rise in the oven. I am not getting the full benefits of that fire - that amazing, spiritual, primal, energy source. The magic is missing. Its power is limited. There are excuses for that design; they call them reasons.

Many so-called God-fearing organizations are not nearly God-fearing enough. They have a lot to answer for. They have been warned by the prophets of old and in the book of Revelation of things to come, and they are not listening. They have turned people off God and the Bible. They have forgotten the magic. They have limited the power of God. They have their reasons.

My first book Does Your House Know Where South Is? was about my journey to understand what it means to live and build simply.

This book is about simplifying life down to one both beautiful and yet very ugly truth: life is a series of tests. The good news is; you are never alone. You should read this book today.”

“You do not know what your life will be tomorrow.  For you are a mist appearing for a little while and then disappearing.”James (Jesus’ younger brother) James 4:14

Jo was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, but has since left the city for life in the back woods. Determined to understand what it means to live simply, Jo began to design and build her own home, where she and her son Jordan enjoyed a pioneer type lifestyle without electricity. As a student of rural life, living on the cooler part of the planet, Jo of the Woods shares some valuable lessons, and raises interesting questions about common house-building practices today.

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